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MAKE nordic was founded in 2017 by Line Olesen. Our starting point is quite simply uncompromising love for architect-designed furniture and sustainable design. With our combination of Nordic design and Danish quality, MAKE nordic will show you the results of the work that the furniture architects have made with pencil strokes on their sketches.

Before the furniture is fully developed, we have already made a great effort. The process begins with the architects’ sketches and the carpenter’s details to the final destination that is your living room. From the selection of fabric to becoming your sofa. Everything is born in a creative space where craftsmanship and attention to detail meet, and the furniture we at MAKE nordic offer our customers, is created. 

MAKE nordic and our distribution channels are where we find our customers, namely on the internet. We sell our furniture collection online. If you visit our showrooms you can experience the quality and get advice on everything from interior design to choice of fabric. This ensures that our high-quality architect-designed furniture can beautify your home to a price where the expensive intermediaries are cut off.


At MAKE nordic, wood is the mainstay of our furniture constructions and comes with a responsibility to choose wood from sustainable forestry. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is a global labeling scheme for wood, paper and other cellulose-based materials that aims to protect nature, as well as the people who depend on it. 

With FSC you are assured that no more wood is felled than the forest can reproduce, while the forest workers have access to training, safety equipment and a proper salary. In addition, the FSC is the only global labeling scheme with broad support from green organizations such as WWF, Greenpeace and Forests of the World.



It is important to us that you have a good experience with us from the first moment we meet. This applies whether you visit our showrooms, call us by phone or FaceTime or write by email. We will help adapt your new furniture to your wishes and needs.

It also means that all upholstered furniture can be made exactly as you want, whether you have fallen in love with a green, a beige or a white fabric. Our modular sofas can be built to fit exactly your home and priorities. The dining tables can be made to special measurements if you for instance need a little extra space around the table. All to make the furniture personal, ensuring that you can enjoy it for many, many years. 



Line Olesen

Sales, interior design and press

costumer support

Lise Ø. Jakobsen

Costumer support and sales

Brand manager

Camilla J. Nielsen

Marketing and website

Supply chain Manager

Paul L. Pedersen

Purchase and logistics

Supply chain coordinator

Mats b. Feddersen

Supply chain coordinator


Annabell Christensen

Graphic design, video and photo

Social Media Manager

Maria Koch-Nielsen

Social media and marketing

Supply chain

Mie B. Lund

Supply chain

Websites and Norway

Søren Hansen

Websites and Norway


Design manager

Laurits Gersbøll

Product design and showroom


Anna Ø. Jakobsen

Counseling and service


Anna L. Christiansen

Counseling and service


Showroom Manager

Magnus Thy

Counseling and service

Camilla Århus


Camilla H. Pallesen

Counseling and service

Marketing and website

Evi b. poulsen

Marketing and website

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