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Our mission is to create aesthetic
and sustainable furniture, that will last a lifetime

At MAKE nordic, everything we do has its roots in a sustainable mindset. Our concept shines through in all aspects of our business. All furniture are designed to be able to last for several generations, as they are timeless pieces, which are not influenced by trends and tendencies. We believe that the price should be at the lowest level, with as few intermediaries as possible. The materials must be certified and treated in a way that is in consideration to the environment. All this stands as the core of MAKE nordic.

Nordic concept in Danish quality

Part of our concept here at MAKE nordic is that there is not just one single designer behind our collection. We have collaborated with several talented designers, each of whom contributes to distinctive, surprising and original furniture.

Some of the designers, such as Poul M. Volther and Tom Stepp, are old acquaintances on the Danish design scene, while others, such as Laurits Gersbøll and Jennifer Cena, have only just begun their journey.

Our wide selection of designers helps us to always bring beautiful, classic furniture for you. Both classics you have known all your life, but also brand new furniture you have never seen before.

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No expensive retailers

We believe that everyone should be able to own good quality furniture. An important part of our concept is therefore our attitude to transparency in our pricing.

At MAKE nordic, we have the opportunity to cut down on prices, compared to many other brands, as we have opted out of the more expensive intermediaries. This means that you can only order our collection through our own webshop and not through various retailers. This allows us to remove a large cost that would otherwise cause the salesprice of the furniture to rise by 2.5.

We also do not have multiple distribution warehouses, but ship directly from our warehouse in Esbjerg. Or order, for the vast majority of our furniture, your furniture directly from the manufacturer when you place your order with us.

Our prices therefore cover the costs of materials, labor and transportation, without the use of additional market costs from retailers and distribution warehouses.

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A concept build on

Sustainability is a big part of our DNA here at MAKE nordic. Our furniture design is based on a respect for the future of our planet and an accountability in the production.

When it comes to MAKE Nordic’s products, you can rest assured knowing that it is produced in close collaboration with Danish and European subcontractors who share the same concept and mission as us – we want to create more sustainable furniture.


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