Below you will find our assembly guide for multiple of our furnitures. All you have to do is find your piece of furniture, watch the video and try it out.

MAKE Nordic’s furniture is designed to last a lifetime and be passed down from generation to generation. With its classic designs and sustainable materials, there is no doubt that these pieces of furniture can live on forever. However, it requires that the furniture is assembled properly so that they do not suffer unnecessary load. That is why we have chosen to film instructions for you, so there is no doubt how to do it.

assembly guide - HOLMEN DINING TABLE

The HOLMEN dining table is a simple table to work with. All you need to assemble the table is a surface that does not leave scratches, and a fork wrench or wrench

Bord ø135 med tillægsplade-kopi
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TRIAS tables
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assembly guide - TRIAS Coffee table

The TRIAS coffee table is one of the furnitures in the MAKE nordic assortment that is easiest to assemble. All you need is a few hands and a surface the table kan lie on. The table legs are easily screwed on and ready for use right after.

ASSEMBLY GUIDE - modul sofa

The BASECAMP module sofas are easy to assemble and disassemble again. There is no need for any tools as the different modules are connected using their crocodile fittings.

XL large chaise lounge sofa
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