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Furniture care
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Take great care of your furniture

With good furniture care and maintenance, you can extend the lifespand of your MAKE nordic furniture. Here are our tips on how to give your furniture the best conditions for a long life.


Cleaing of furniture

If you want to maintain the appearance of the furniture fabric and extend the lifespand of the furniture, regular cleaning is essential. Dust and dirt can create wear and on long tirm change the color of the fabric. In addition, dust and dirt contributes to a bad indoor climate. So it is important to clean your furniture every week.


We recommend frequent vacuuming of the fabric. Preferably 1-2 times a week when you’re already vacuum the floor. Use the soft brush that comes with most vacuum cleaners. Vacuum at half strength if it is easier. It’s important to remove all dust and dirt thoroughly.

If your furniture has loose cushions, knock them outside and vacuum under the cushions. If your sofa can be disassembled, then vacuum in between the modules. When your furniture is clean and dust-free, it’s harder for dirt to get stuck. In that way, you also avoid stains when the accident is out. Remove stains on the fabric as soon as possible – that makes the process way easier.

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Discoloration of the fabric

Be aware that fabric is susceptible to discoloration, no matter what color it is. However, the light fabric types are more receptive than the dark ones. This means that your sofa or chair can be discolored by heavily colored fabrics, such as a pair of new cowboy pants or a red skirt. If you want to avoid this, we recommend that you pay extra attention or put a blanket on the seat if there is a risk of discoloration.

Remove stains on fabric

If there is a stain, a quick effort is crucial to achieve the best result. You need to set aside plenty of time for stain removal as it may require some repetition.

Depending on whether the stains comes from thin- or thick liquids, the stains must be treated differently. You can read more about it on our stain removal page.


The linen- and hemp webbings are natural and untreated. The natural material is more lively than normal fabric, meaning that if you spill on it, it will process and over time shrink the stain, lighten it and perhaps make it disappear completely.

Like other surfaces, the webbing seats on the UMI can be discolored by brightly colored fabrics, such as a pair of new cowboy pants. If you want to protect yourself as much as possible against this, it is recommended to use a cushion in the seat or a blanket.

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Dunes LEATHER FROM Sørensen

If you have chosen the beautiful and natural Dunes leather on your furniture, you can look forward to a beautiful patination over time. Here you need to pay extra attention to the untreated natural material. This means that the leather is not surface treated and therefore accepts all grease, dirt, color and scratches.

Natural material such as leather is a lively material. If you spill on it, it will process til stain and make it shrink, lighten and perhaps disappear completely over time. It is recommended to avoid the use of water and soap for Dunes leather from Sørensen. It can lay down the fine down and make the leather dark and smooth.

If you want to know more about leather care and stain removal, we refer to leather specialists or to the recommendations from Sørensen Leather.


Wooden furniture with laquer

Most wooden furniture from MAKE nordic, with the dining tables as an exeption, are treated with an almost invisible, matt lacquer. If you’re in doubt about whether your furniture is lacquered or not, you can test it by putting a wet finger on the wood. If the wood doesn’t change color, it’s treated with laquer.




We use water-based laquer to maintain a good indoor climate and avoid unnecessary strain on the environment. The lacquer is matt and ensures that your furniture stays beautiful for many years without a need for further care. Avoid letting spilled liquid sit, as it can draw in and damage the surface. The furniture can be wiped off with a dry or hard-wrung cloth. No other treatment is needed.

When the furniture gets old and scratched, it can be sanded down and re-treated.

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Oil-treated dining tables

If you have an oil-treated dining table, it’s important to treat it regularly.

By using oil, you choose for yourself how natural or how smooth and repellent the surface should be. You also choose whether the table should be lightened or darkened. It’s the color of the oil that determines this. If your table has become too light, treat it with a clear oil afterwards. Then it automatically gets darker.

Buy a good oil in the desired color and follow the instructions on the oil.

Avoid leaving spilled liquid as it can draw in and make stains or damage the surface of the wood.

Benefits of an oil-treated tables

Wood is a living, natural material. If you spill on it, the wood will process it, and over time the stain will become smaller, lighten and perhaps disappear completely. When you choose an oil-treated table, you get a natural surface where scratches and stains can be minimized or removed during care and maintenance. An oil-treated table can be sanded to the surface before treatment, so most stains and scratches go away.


Care of a solid table

When you receive your new HOLMEN dining table, we recommend that you care for it with oil. If you want a light table, use an oil with white pigment in it. If you want a slightly darker table, use a clear oil.

how to

  1. The surface is sanded with sandpaper grain 120-180. Remember to grind along the direction of the tree veins. Vacuum the surface free of abrasive dust and run over it with a dry cloth before using the oil.
  2. Shake the oil thoroughly.
  3. Apply an appropriate amount of oil with a cloth in an evenly covered layer. Remember that the back of the table must have oil aswell, and any additional plates.
  4. Wait approx. 10 min. ,at room temperature, while the oil penetrates into the wood. If there are dry areas, these are given a little extra oil.
  5. Wipe off excess oil with a lint-free cotton cloth. The surface must be completely free of excess oil.
  6. After 24 hours, the table top is dry. The table top must not be in contact with water during this period.
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