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laurits gersbøll

Laurits Dam Gersbøll is 25 years old and comes from Hobro in Denmark, close to water and nature. He is a furniture designer from VIA Design in Herning, where he graduated in 2019. The same year he participated in Milan Design Week, which is known as the largest and most popular furniture fair in the world.

In continuation of his interest in furniture design, he is also deeply fascinated by sustainability and how it can be used as a starting point for designing furniture. He finds it exciting to challenge our way of looking at the world through design. He loves design that questions common considerations and perceptions, because it helps to broaden our perspective.

In addition to furniture design, Laurits also has an interest in product design, photography and graphic work.

At MAKE nordic, Laurits is behind our VILHELM bar stool, which was designed for Grønbechs Hotel in connection with the renovation of their bar.

Laurits Gersbøll, designer at make nordic

Products by the designer

    Bar stool

    Laurits Gersbøll


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