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mia lagerman

The Swedish Mia Lagerman has worked as a furniture designer for the last 25 years. She has worked with several international brands, to that extent, she has managed to position herself as a central player on the international design scene. She has a great focus on aesthetics and simplicity, and her designs are distinctly Scandinavian. She has a good understanding of materials and innovative production methods, where the end consumer is always in mind, from start to finish.

She has lived in Copenhagen since 1993, and is educated in both Stockholm and Copenhagen. There is no doubt that she is sworn Scandinavian and passionate about quality, functionality and aesthetics. In her work, she is always trying to  develop, and in collaboration with design partners it is very important for her design processes to do this.

At MAKE nordic, she is behind the unique TRIAS coffee tables.

Mia Lagerman, designer

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    Coffee tables

    Mia Lagerman


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