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Tom Stepp

Tom Stepp was born in 1950 and is one of the most renowned designers in the country. He has over time won several awards for his strong and functional craftsmanship, which includes the Formland award and the Scandinavian Furniture Award.

He has a wide range of impressive and practical educations, as a building technician, building designer and architect from the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. This background has helped shape his personal expression, which can be best described as modern functionalism.

With this past, he has a solid platform he can work from that provides an exceptional insight into what works on a practical level. Thus, one also sees that the designs that Stepp has developed are varying designs that are “grounded”. At the same time, it is also clear that it has an understated beauty that Scandinavian design is well known for.

Here at MAKE nordic, he is, among other things, behind our PRIMETIME armchair, which is the perfect chair for evening coziness and to share the big moments. He has also designed our UBÆNK, which gives your personal decor at home a real spa feeling.

tom stepp

Products by the designer

    Lounge chair

    Tom Stepp
    Lounge chair with stool

    Tom Stepp

    Tom Stepp


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