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About Make Nordic


MAKE nordic is a newer player in the Nordic furniture market. Our starting point is a simple, uncompromising love for architect-designed furniture and sustainable design. In the intersection between Nordic design and Danish quality, MAKE nordic will take the stage and show the results of the work that furniture architects design with pencil strokes on their sketches.

We have made great efforts before the furniture is fully developed. From the architects’ sketches and the carpenter’s details to your living room. From fabric markets to your couch. Everything is born in the space where creativity, craftsmanship and detail meet, and here we create the furniture that we at MAKE nordic offer our customers – in the digital universe.

MAKE nordic and our distribution channels are where we find our customers, namely on the web. We sell our furniture and collections online. This ensures that our architect-designed furniture of the highest quality can beautify Danish homes at a price from which the expensive intermediaries are cut.

The woman behind MAKE Nordic is Line Olesen. A life in the marketing and design world has worn Line from passion to product ambition. With a sure sense of the finest quality, a long-lasting expression and, not least, the secure Nordic spirit in woods and fabric qualities, Line and MAKE nordic offer new experiences through our furniture selection.

You’ve already seen us on the right housing platforms online – why? Because we only choose the best and the finest strokes, designed by our Nordic architects. MAKE nordic is for you who value Danish craftsmanship and sustainable furniture design.

Do you have questions or are you interested in working with MAKE nordic?
Contact Line Olesen on phone 29361463 or email line@makenordic.com

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