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Sustainable dining table chair
New dining chair by Poul M. Volther from 1951 sees the light of day
The SOLDIER is a sustainable dining table chair. It is both comfortable and beautiful. The chair is another good example of Poul M. Volther’s amazing talent as a furniture architect. Volther designed this beautiful piece of furniture crafts from a chair back in 1951. And today it is more relevant and contemporary than ever.

Danish craftsmanship with built-in sitting comfort
The SOLDATEN chair is for those who love Danish crafts. A sustainable dining chair for those who would like to combine the timeless design with optimal seating comfort. Your family and guests will love you for choosing the SOLDIER by Poul M. Volther as a new dining table chair. Because here you just sit fantastic! And you can sit at the dining table until late into the night. Danish design with built-in Danish coziness.

The Sustainable Dining Table Chair The SOLDIER was designed by Poul M. Volther for the Copenhagen Furniture Workshop exhibition in 1951. The chair is a sustainable piece of furniture that represents a time when craftsmanship fused with the aroma of freshly cut wood.

The design and pencil lines on the original drawings of the dining table chair SOLDIER have proved timeless. With its beautiful, sculptural and aesthetic lines, the chair will adorn the homes that value timeless design and a craftsmanship that has roots in the Danish golden age.

Sustainable design
Poul M. Volthers The SOLDIER has a beautiful and minimalist look as well as a surprisingly high sitting comfort. The chair has stylish lines and it can be easily combined with other furniture to create a varied and personal look in the home. There is no doubt that the SOLDIER will contribute positively to any room with the chair’s unique and beautiful design language.

Sustainable materials
The dining table chair SOLDATEN is a sustainable dining table chair that is Danish-produced in FSC-certified solid oak. The seat is padded to ensure optimal seating comfort. There is Oeko-tex cold foam in the seat. You have the opportunity to choose from several different fabric variants or leather in both contemporary and timeless designs from eg. Kvadrat, Gabriel and Sørensen Leather. All our partners in textiles and leather meet the requirements for sustainability.

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