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UMI daybed: Nordic minimalism with aesthetics at the forefront
UMI daybed is an elegant, architect-designed furniture craft in sustainable materials. There are 6 variants and sizes in the UMI series. There is definitely one of those beautiful sitting furniture that fits perfectly into your personal home decor.

See also the small 70 cm UMI bench.

UMI series
The UMI range consists of 6 sustainable seating furniture including stools, benches and a daybed, all bearing the UMI name.
They are available in 3 variants including:

Light oak with light braid
Light oak with black braid
Black oak with black braid
The furniture has many uses and can be used in the entrance, in the bedroom, in the dressing room, along the dining table, in the bathroom or in other places where extra seating is needed or where you need a beautiful piece of furniture.

The unique UMI daybed can be used both as a bench or for overnight guests. If you put on a couple of great pillows, it can also be transformed into a nice small sofa or a sunbed on the covered terrace (water and moisture resistant)

See also the UMI bench here at 122 cm.

UMI daybed in sustainable design
The UMI daybed is designed by Norwegian designer Jennifer Cena. UMI means sea in Japanese, which has strong references to the Nordic and the simple. The designer’s idea was to create a natural expression that harmonizes with the Nordic spirit. The result has been an aesthetic range of sustainable oak and linen seating furniture that fits perfectly with the Nordic home, where precisely simplicity and functionality are important keywords. The elegant furniture also has strong retro references to the 60s and 70s where materials such as flax and hessian were very popular in the interior. When choosing UMI, you choose a piece of furniture with a timeless design that lasts for many, many years. And it is sustainable!

If there’s anything that follows us long in life, it’s our furniture. And if they are produced in good quality, they can be inherited for generations. It is important for us to create furniture of both design quality and with a sustainable impression.

Sustainable materials
UMI is handcrafted in FSC certified solid oak. They are braided hair in 100% natural material.
When you choose FSC, you help take care of our world. It is your guarantee that the tree is properly felled and that we look after the people and animals that live in and around the forests.

Maintenance of the flax braid
The flax straps are completely natural and untreated.

Natural materials such as flax, wool and wood are living materials. If you waste on them, they work, and over time the stain will become smaller, brighten and perhaps disappear completely.

If the accident is out, the best thing to do is to remove as much of the liquid as possible with a hard-woven soft cloth. Be careful not to rub the liquid further into the strap, but instead gently dip on the exposed area. When cleaning your hair, it is important to work in the fields. One field should be taken at a time and avoid cleaning half a field to avoid scuffles or scuffs. Use mild detergent mixed with water for cleaning. Avoid too much water as it may cause scalding.

Like other furniture, the bright braided seats at UMI can be discolored by heavily colored fabrics, e.g. a pair of new cowboy pants. If you want to guard against this as much as possible, it is recommended to use a seat cushion. Flax is a natural material designed to be patinated beautifully and naturally over time.

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