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A new bar stool in Nordic design

Here you get a bar stool with simple lines designed to match the Nordic style. VILHELM The bar stool is made of solid, sustainable oak with a natural hemp belt on the seat. Use the lightweight bar stool in your kitchen or for your children if they need an extra high chair at the desk. The bar stool can also be used as a high table.


Bar stool in two heights

VILHELM bar stool comes in two heights. One is 65 and the other is 75. Most people use the lowest bar stool at 65 cm. to their kitchen table, but if you have long legs or a high table is 75 cm. optimal.


Bar stool with optional seat

VILHELM bar stool is made of sustainable and natural oak. The hand-braided seat in hemp belt is either completely natural or black.


How to maintain your furniture

Wilhelm bar stool is easy to maintain. Since the oak legs are treated with a thin layer of matt lacquer, you can easily wipe them off with a wrung-out cloth. The untreated hemp belt on the seat is made of 100% natural material that does not need to be treated.


The story behind VILHELM bar stool

VILHELM is designed by the Danish designer Laurits Gersbøll. The task was to design a bar stool that fit Restaurant VILHELM, located at Grønbechs Hotel on Bornholm. The beautiful restaurant is furnished with the HOLMEN dining table and SOLDATEN dining table chairs from MAKE nordic. And when the beautiful old bar needed to be renovated, they contacted us to hear if we would design a bar stool that fit the style. They wanted a bar stool that was stylistically reminiscent of the UMI bench.

You can find the UMI series HERE

The result has been a fine and aesthetic bar stool in sustainable oak with natural hemp belt that fits perfectly with the Nordic home and the Nordic spirit. Simplicity and functionality are important keywords. The elegant bar stools also have strong retro references to the 60s and 70s where materials such as linen and hessian were very popular in the decor. When you choose the VILHELM bar stool, you choose a piece of furniture with a timeless design that lasts for many, many years. And it’s sustainable!

If there is one thing that follows us for a long time in this life, it is our furniture. And if they are produced in a good quality, they can be inherited for generations. It is important for us to create furniture of both design quality and with a sustainable imprint on it.


Sustainable materials

VILHELM bar stool is handmade in FSC-certified, solid oak. The braided hemp belts are 100% natural material.
When you choose FSC, you are helping to take care of our world. It is your guarantee that the tree is properly felled, that more trees are planted and that we take care of the people and animals that live in and around the forests.

Read more about sustainability HERE


How to maintain the bar stool

The hemp belts are completely natural and untreated.

Natural materials such as hemp, flax, wool and wood are living materials. If you spill on them, they work, and over time the stain will shrink, lighten and perhaps disappear completely.

If the accident is out, the best thing you can do is remove as much of the liquid as possible with a hard-wrung soft cloth. Be careful not to rub the liquid further into the strap, but instead dab gently on the exposed area. When cleaning hemp belts, it is important to work in the fields. One field at a time and avoid cleaning half a field to avoid stains or stains. Use mild and colorless dishwashing detergent mixed with water for cleaning. Avoid too much water as it can cause stains.

Like other furniture, the light wicker seats on VILHELM can be discolored by brightly colored fabrics such as a pair of new cowboy pants. If you want to protect yourself as much as possible against this, it is recommended to use a cushion in the seat. Hemp is a natural material designed to be patinated beautifully and naturally over time.

Enjoy your VILHELM bar stool.
You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions. You can also find VILHELM in our showrooms.



39 cm

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