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If there’s anything that follows us long in life, it’s our furniture. And if they are produced in good quality, they can be inherited for generations. It is important for us to create furniture, both of design quality and with a sustainable imprint.
The furniture at MAKE nordic is therefore all produced in collaboration with Danish subcontractors. All furniture has solutions that are chosen based on an ambition to ensure future sustainability throughout the production. We strive for our wood to be FSC certified.
The cold foam in the sofas is Oeko-tex certified, as are several types of fabric where the Oekotex brand and the EU-Flower are represented. In addition, we use materials and upholstery fabric made from recycled plastic and wool. We dream of combining durability, sustainability and design that strikes the Nordic spirit. And we collaborate with the best in each field in Denmark. The things we do have to feel right in the stomach and it has to be the furniture we want standing in our own home. That is why we focus on the beautiful design, the Danish craftsmanship and the sustainable quality materials that can be inherited for generations.


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is the only global labeling scheme for wood and paper. FSC thus has one set of rules that apply worldwide. You will find FSC forests all over the world, from our native Danish forests to the rainforests in South America and the bush forests in East Africa. FSC forests are sustainable forests, as no more wood is cut than the forest can reproduce.

FSC protects animals and plant life. Likewise, the people who work in the forests are assured of education, safety equipment and proper pay. The labeling also protects locals and forest residents, which is particularly important in tropical areas. FSC is the only global labeling scheme that has broad support from green organizations such as WWF, Greenpeace and World Forests.

Therefore, when you buy an FSC product, you know what you are getting – no matter if it is a product from Denmark or other countries. And you help to protect and protect the nature and social conditions of the woods from which the tree comes. This is true when purchasing FSC certified wood products – from furniture to paper and packaging. With your choice you give your support to the forest owners who have chosen to operate the forest with respect for people and nature. If you choose products with the FSC label, there is a guarantee that they are made of wood that you can buy with good conscience.

For MAKE Nordic it has been a natural choice to use FSC wood for our chairs, tables, benches and in sofa designs. FSC is one of the most important tools to help ensure sustainable forest management for animals, nature and people. Home furnishings should be done with care and thus the joy of the furniture becomes even greater.


At MAKE nordic, we want to limit the use of unnecessary chemicals in general and in our own products in particular. Therefore, it has been a natural choice – to the greatest extent possible – to use Oeko-tex® textiles and foam in the production of our furniture.

Oeko-tex is the world leading health marking in textiles and thus also furniture foam. This is a voluntary labeling scheme that places stricter requirements on the content of chemicals and other harmful substances in textiles, for example. clothing and furniture production than the legislation does. Oeko-tex therefore excludes several harmful substances that are otherwise permitted by the general legislation. The requirements behind Oeko-tex also depend on how close to the cup the textiles are to be used and they change in line with new results in research in the medical sciences, etc. This ensures that the label is constantly in line with the development – for the safety of you as consumers.

Despite the stringent requirements of Oeko-tex, this does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality and durability of the products. MAKE nordic’s products are of such high quality that they can be inherited for the next generations.


The EU Flower is the official European eco-label. The whole is essential in relation to the EU Flower, and the Certification is a holistic perspective on the total environmental impact of the product and therefore deals with all relevant phases of the product’s life cycle from raw materials and production to disposal and recycling. Products that are certified with the EU Flower thus have a limiting environmental impact. The EU Flower also places high demands on the products’ content of chemicals – both for the sake of consumer health and the environment.

In order for a product to be marked with the EU Flower, the product must undergo a comprehensive certification process at Ecolabelling Denmark – with documentation and verification that it meets the stipulated requirements. Therefore, when choosing a product labeled EU Flower, you can – regardless of which product you choose – be assured that it is among the best in the environment in its category. You thus protect the environment and drive production and product development in a more sustainable direction.

Cradle to grave considering the environmental impact of the products is essential for MAKE Nordic. We strive to the greatest possible extent that our products can be labeled with the EU Flower. We work with our suppliers in the field and have an ambition that in the near future our FSC-certified wood will be used exclusively for furniture marked with the EU Flower.

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When choosing eco-friendly furniture, you help to look after nature, the environment, your family and yourself. Environmentally friendly furniture can be many things. They can be sustainably made and can be made of sustainable materials. Whether your furniture has one of the environmental labels, or whether it is made with less use of water or plastic, of course they should fit into your home decor as well. So choose your furniture with the heart, with your stomach, with your senses or with your eyes. Just it feels right to you!


High-quality architect-designed furniture is often furniture that we have wanted to have in our homes for many years. When you buy your furniture from MAKE nordic you get these qualities – and you get timeless, Scandinavian design on top. Sustainable design is not just about environmentally friendly materials or green production. It’s also about getting furniture you want to have in your home for the next several years. They automatically become a part of you and a part of your family’s history. Don’t go out and invest in new all the time. Avoid buy-and-throw-away. And it is very sustainable!

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