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Create the sofa of your dreams

The BASECAMP modular sofa can be built to fit your home and your needs. We believe this provides the best starting point for a sofa you can have for many years. With the BASECAMP modular sofa, you will find that the memories last longer and that the cozy modules will be a part of many good memories. If you need some extra space for those cosy nights with your family, build your sofa with a chaise longue or two, or add a pouf. You can also choose to add a lot of soft pillows and blankets to your stylish sofa. This allows you to create your very own look.

The modular sofa, regardless of the combination, becomes the natural gathering point for family and friends. With its visual elegance, BASECAMP has already found its way to several residential platforms and functions as a secure base in many homes across Europe.

It is important to keep in mind that when the sofa is with a right chaise longue, then the chaise longue will not be on your right hand when you sit on it. Its on your right when standing in front of the sofa, looking at it.


A sustainable sofa

Your BASECAMP modular sofa is produced according to sustainable principles by experienced Danish and European suppliers. The frame of the sofa is built with strong wood from FSC®-certified forests (FSC® N002763), which means that both when it comes to durability and construction, as well as responsible forestry, you can choose this sofa with good conscience. In addition, most of our furniture textiles are certified Oeko-tex, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel for the sake of the environment and your health. Below, the textiles from Kvadrat and Gabriel are always Oeko-tex and EU Ecolabel certified – as minimum.

At MAKE nordic, we emphasize environmentally certified and health-labeled materials, as it is important for us to limit our imprint on the environment as much as possible. We also use cold foam without toxins, to protect you and the environment against brominated flame retardants and other unwanted and potentially harmful chemicals.

Textiles and stains

Our BASECAMP module sofas are made in different fabrics and colors. If you are in doubt about fabric and color, you can order fabric samples, to be be absolutely sure which one fits best in your home. If you have fallen in love with something other than what you find on our website, feel free to contact us at or at +45 29 10 38 00.

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The BASECAMP modular sofa is assembled with strong crocodile brackets that prevents the modules from slipping apart.

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The bottom of the sofa has built-in springs for optimal seating comfort.

The sofa is built on a strong frame of FSC-certified wood, so you are guaranteed a strong and durable construction, while supporting responsible forestry.  

Build your own

There are endless ways to assemble the BASECAMP modules. Do you have a particular design in mind? We recommend drawing your sofa on a piece of paper and then assemble the modules exactly as you want. Or feel free to contact us for help building the sofa of your dreams.

The BASECAMP modular sofa can be build to fit exactly your home and your needs. That way, you get a sofa that fits perfectly into your home for several years.

Note: that the price will be a bit higher when assembling the modules yourself. This is because, it requires more resources for us to make a costume made sofa model, than when you choose a “ready-made” model. There may also be a price difference, depending on which fabric you choose for your sofa. This is due to the difference in quality of the fabric, as some are at a higher price than others.


When you need to choose if your sofa has a right or left chaise longue, imagine that you are standing in front of the sofa facing it.

The sofa in the picture is with a left chaise longue.

direction of the fabric

It can be difficult to know how the fabric is laying on the modules when you see a picture of a sofa. The textiles we use for the BASECAMP modular sofas come from different suppliers, and therefore, the direction of the fabric may be different, depending on your choice of fabric. Below you will find pictures that show which direction the fabric points to with each type of fabric. This is for you, to make sure you are not the least bit in doubt about how your sofa ends up looking when choosing the BASECAMP. The pictures are based on the model BASECAMP Family.


How to assemble your sofa

Your BASECAMP modular sofa is connected by strong brackets, which ensure that the modules do not slip apart. In the video, we have made a guide that shows how to assemble the modular sofa.

Be aware that the brackets must be at the right angles while the other module is pushed against it – straight on. Otherwise, the modules will be skewed and there will be more air between the modules in the front than the back, or vice versa. If this happens, just lift one module to separate them and try again.

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