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Create the sofa of your dreams

The BASECAMP modular sofa can be built to fit your home and your needs. We believe this provides the best starting point for a sofa you can have for many years. With the BASECAMP modular sofa, you will find that the memories last longer and that the cozy modules will be a part of many good memories. If you need some extra space for those cosy nights with your family, build your sofa with a chaise longue or two, or add a pouf. You can also choose to add a lot of soft pillows and blankets to your stylish sofa. This allows you to create your very own look.

The modular sofa, regardless of the combination, becomes the natural gathering point for family and friends. With its visual elegance, BASECAMP has already found its way to several residential platforms and functions as a secure base in many homes across Europe.

It is important to keep in mind that when the sofa is with a right chaise longue, then the chaise longue will not be on your right hand when you sit on it. Its on your right when standing in front of the sofa, looking at it.