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Kaamos sofa

A stylish classic

The KAAMOS sofa is a stylish classic that combines comfort, quality and good design. The sofa is one of the most comfortable of its kind with the softest seats and its beautiful appearance that fits into any Scandinavian home. You can change the fabric and legs of your KAAMOS sofa to fit your decor and personal style.

With its timeless and classic design as well as incredible comfort, this sofa can become a wonderful partner for many years. Good design in high quality is sustainable, as you avoid having to find a new sofa within a few years. Maybe your KAAMOS sofa will last a lifetime.


The perfect sofa

The KAAMOS sofa is designed according to a simple design and with a focus on sustainability. This sustainable sofa has great back support and wide armrests, where there is room for your telephone, remote control, a good book and a cup of coffee. The armrest is low, which means that you are able to lay your head on a pillow and rest your head. Should you need an ekstra bed for guests, the back cushions of the KAAMOS sofa can be removed for the night, to turn the sofa into a perfect bed for your guests. The bottom of the sofa has built-in Nozag springs for optimal seating comfort.

The KAAMOS sofa cushions have removable covers that can be cleaned as needed. We have several beautiful fabric variants that fits the classic sofa perfectly. If you are looking for a different color or fabric quality, please contact us and we will help you find just the right fabric for you. The soft sofa cushions are filled with down and feathers, and needs to be shaken in to place now and then. Like your duvets and pillows.

The sofa legs of the KAAMOS sofa have a perfect height, which makes it possible for you to vacuum under the sofa. You can choose between in FSC-certified oak legs or legs made of black steel.

Take good care of your KAAMOS

To take care of your KAAMOS sofa in the best possible way, we recommend vacuuming the sofa and wiping the fabric with a damp cloth weekly. It is important to react quickly if anything is spilled on the sofa. Stains can be removed with the help of water, soap, sparkling water or stain remover that is intended for the purpose.

It is important to keep in mind that dark clothes, such as a pair of new denim trousers, can rub off on lighter fabrics.

A sustainable sofa

The KAAMOS sofa is handmade in Europe and built on a strong frame of FSC-certified wood, which contributes to a strong and durable construction. The FSC-certificate states that the tree has been felled under consideration of both nature, animals and people involved in the process.

The sofa is upholstered with cold foam without unnecessary toxins and chemicals. This is to protect you and the environment from e.g. brominated flame retardants and other unwanted and potentially harmful chemicals.

The down top used in the KAAMOS sofa is certified with a Down Pass. This means that a high quality down is guaranteed and that it is all ethically processed and comes from closely controlled and easily traceable supply chains.


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