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Lounge chair

For the best time of your day

The PRIMETIME armchair is created for the best moments. The lounge chair saw the light of day after the designer, Tom Stepp, became the father of a little girl. He needed a place where he could sit and enjoy a cozy moment at the end of the day with his little girl. He therefore designed PRIMETIME, where there would be room for the two. The chair therefore creates a space for contemplation and presence with your children, or a spot where you can dive into the world of books. Perfectly suited for the best time of your day.

The chair was previously sold by Fredericia Furniture, but the production has now been taken over by MAKE nordic. The PRIMETIME armchair has been optimized to make the timeless expression of the past meet the comfort of the future.


The PRIMETIME armchair is customizable, so that it will fit perfectly in your home. The wood we use for the PRIMETIME armchair is from FSC® certified forests (FSC® N002763), and you can choose between matt lacquered or black lacquered oak. The lacquer is water-based to maintain a good indoor climate and avoid unnecessary impact on the environment. The lacquer has a matte finish and helps keep your furniture beautiful for many years, without the need for extra care. Spilled liquid should be dried off with a dry or hard-wrung cloth, as it may otherwise damage the surface.

The PRIMETIME armchair’s swivel base is available in both brushed and black painted steel.

The soft cushions in the PRIMETIME armchair are filled with cold foam and a down top. They can be upholstered with several different textiles or leather. If you want other materials than the ones available on the website, please contact us.

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Primetime lounge chair


Like all of our furniture, the PRIMETIME armchair is made of the sustainable wood from FSC® certified forests (FSC® N002763). This guarantees that no more wood is being felled, than the forest can reproduce and that the people and animals are taken into account in the process.

The majority of our furniture textiles are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel for the sake of both the environment and your health. The soft cushions have a solid core of cold foam and a soft down layer.

The designer - Tom Stepp

Tom Stepp was born in 1950 and is one of the most renowned designers in Denmark. His strong and functional craftsmanship has won several awards.

Tom Stepp is educated both as a building technician, building designer and an architect from the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. All of these impressive and practical educations have shaped his designs, into what is best described as modern functionalism.

Something extra for your PRIMETIME

Are you considering replacing your PRIMETIME armchair? Perhaps it just needs some love and renewal for you to fall back in love? You can always add some new pillows in a different color or some new feet to your beloved PRIMETIME chair. Perhaps you can make it last forever.

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    Tom Stepp
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    Tom Stepp


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