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UMI series
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A piece of furniture for every room

The versatile UMI series is created by Norwegian designer Jennifer Cena.  The series has strong references nature, with its simple and Nordic feel. Hence the name UMI, which means sea in Japanese. These thoughts have led to a range of aesthetic seating furniture, produced in oak and wild ash from FSC® certified forests (FSC® N002763), with natural webbing of linen and hemp. The key words for the UMI series are simplicity and functionality.

The UMI series consists of 6 different seating furniture, including stools, benches, tables and a daybed. With the wide selection, you will without a doubt find one that fits perfectly into your home. The UMI series can be used in your entrance hall, a beautiful detail in your bedroom, a sleeping place for your overnight guests, seating along your dining table, foot stool for your armchair, a resting place in your orangery and much more. Do you have the perfect spot for the UMI furniture?

  • UMI
    Oak stool, small

    Jennifer Cena
  • UMI
    Oak bench, small

    Jennifer Cena


The UMI series is available with matt and black lacquered oak or matt lacquered wild ash. The water-based lacquer is used to maintain a good indoor climate and to reduce the impact on the environment. The lacquer helps to keep the furniture beautiful without the need for additional care. Ash and oak are reminiscent of each other in terms of quality and hardness. They are both very common in European forests as well and are perfect for making furniture. Ash is a new type of wood for us here at MAKE nordic. Each piece of furniture in wild ash will have its own individual expression, as none of them will look 100% the same. The veins of the wood can be seen in the solid wood and gives a unique expression that is not found in furniture of e.g. Oak tree.

Linen and hemp are used for the webbing seats on the UMI furniture. When one thinks of hemp, one often thinks of the forbidden euphoric substance. But it is not the same type used in furniture production. This is a type of hemp that does not have an intoxicating effect and can grow in the north without the use of pesticides and without the need for irrigation.

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The UMI series is made of solid oak and wild ash from FSC® certified forests (FSC® N002763). This certificate guarantees that the wood comes from responsible forestry, where animal and plant life is protected and the workers are trained and receive proper safety equipment and wages.

In addition, we utilize most of the ash tree to make sure that as little as possible of the wood goes to waste. In this way, we ensure a more sustainable production.

The linen webbing are has one of the leading certifications, for the sake of you and your family. The certificate sets stricter requirements for the content of harmful substances than the law does – and we would like to take the extra reservations for your health. The webbing is Oeko-tex® certified.

Stain removal

The webbing in the UMI series is made of untreated natural material designed to patinate beautifully and naturally over time. Should you spill on it, the stain will become smaller over time, lighten and possibly disappear completely. The best thing to do is remove as much of the liquid as possible with a hard-wrung, soft cloth. Be careful not to rub the liquid further into the braid, but just dab gently on the exposed area. Take one field at a time and avoid cleaning parts of the field as it can leave marks. Use some mild detergent mixed with water for cleaning, and avoid too much water, as this can also leave marks.

The light webbing seats in the UMI series can be discolored by brightly colored fabrics, such as a pair of new denim pants. We recommend that you use a cushion in the seat or a blanket, if you want to avoid this completely.

Spilled liquid can damage the surface of the wood if you leave it, without wiping it off. Both wild ash and oak can easily be wiped off with a dry or hard-wrung cloth, without the need for other treatment. The furniture does not withstand water and moisture.

The designer - Jennifer Cena

Jennifer Cena was born in 1979 and grew up in the Norwegian mountains, which gave her a very special relationship with nature. This relationship is clearly reflected in her designs, where organic forms and the natural materials are her great love.

She has a strong background from Bergen Art and Design School, where she in connection with an exhibition in Green House during the Stockholm Furniture Light Fair in 2016 developed the prototypes of the UMI series. Jennifer had already, before completing her education, a whole series of her beautiful furniture in production. This shows her ability to be present, innovative and current in her designs.


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