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Bar stool

A bar stool made for a very special purpose

The VILHELM bar stool is the perfect addition to your Scandinavian home. It was designed by Laurits Gersbøll and came into the world when a bar at Grønbechs Hotel was to be renovated, and has now become a regular part of our collection here at MAKE nordic. With its light and Nordic design, the VILHELM bar stool is a chair that will stay with you for many years.

  • Barstole in sustainable oak

    Bar stool

    Laurits Gersbøll

The perfect bar stool

The VILHELM bar stool came into the world when restaurant VILHELM at Grønbechs Hotel on Bornholm had to renovate their beautiful, old bar.

he restaurant was already furnished with HOLMEN dining tables and SOLDATEN dining chairs from MAKE nordic, and then the hotel wanted a light and Nordic bar stool for their bar. It had to have a look that matched the rest of the decor, and then it had to be stylistically reminiscent of the
UMI bench.

Laurist Gersbøll is the designer of VILHELM, which fits perfectly into the Nordic home, where simplicity and functionality are important. The bar stool is made of oak from FSC® certified forests (FSC® N002763) and natural hemp webbing.

The design has similarities with the 60s and 70s material focus, where especially hemp and linen found their way in the decor.

materials and maintance

The webbing on the VILHELM bar stool is untreated natural material designed to patinate beautifully and naturally over time. Should you spill on the bar stool, the stain will become smaller over time, lighten and possibly disappear completely. The best thing to do is remove as much of the liquid as possible with a hard-wrung, soft cloth. Be careful not to rub the liquid further into the braid, but just dab gently on the exposed area. Take one field at a time and avoid cleaning only parts of the fields as it can leave marks. Use some mild detergent mixed with water for cleaning, and avoid too much water, as this can also leave marks.

The light webbing seats on the VILHELM bar stool can be discolored by brightly colored fabrics, such as a pair of new denim jeans. If you want to secure yourself best possible against this, we recommend that you use a cushion in the seat or a blanket.

The solid oak on the VILHELM bar stool is with matt, water-based lacquer. Avoid letting spillage stay as it can damage the surface. The legs of the VILHELM bar stool can be wiped off with a dry or hard-wrung cloth. No other treatment is needed. The furniture does not withstand water and moisture.

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The designer - Laurits Gersbøll

“Sustainability isn’t just one thing,
but can be expressed in many different ways.

I therefore think it is exciting to be able to contribute to
a positive development of the world ”


The VILHELM bar stool is handmade with solid oak from FSC® certified forests (FSC® N002763), while the hemp webbing are made of 100% natural material.

When you choose FSC, you are helping take care of our world. This is because in an FSC-forest, there will be felled no more wood than the forest can reproduce. In addition, it is also a guarantee that animals and plant life are taken care of, and that the people who have the forest as a workplace are educated and receive proper safety equipment and pay.

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