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“A simple and elegant bar stool, which compliments the kitchen and dining area in most nordic inspired homes”


The beautiful bar stool, counter stool and stool by Piet Hein, are launched by MAKE nordic. The line has been developed in cooperation with the family of Piet Hein. What you get is, a functional bar stool, counter stool and a stool which is both comfortable and has a long lifespan.

The stools are designed by Piet Hein, and the designs originate from old drafts, where Piet Hein’s design, SUPERELIPSE® has been used. The SUPERELLIPSE® formula made Piet Hein a renowned name worldwide. The UGO line consists of a bar stool, a counter stool and a regular stool. The UGO line is available in matte laquered  or a black laquered oak.


The much anticipated arrival of the barstool by Piet Hein, is finally here. Choose the design that fits your need and style. The first pieces on the market will  drop in week 41, and you can already pre-order your new stool or read about the product, just by clicking on the product below. Get ready for the cozy indoor season, and add the nordic touch to your kitchen or bar area.

  • UGO

    Piet Hein


UGO by Piet Hein is a series of three pieces, that see the light of day for the very first time. The Piet Hein series originates from drawings made in 1968. The intricate drafts never made it further than being lines on paper. However, the drafts have been brought to life and have now taken shape into beautiful barstools and stools. The stylish nordic design has been put into production and you can find the Piet Hein stools exclusively at Make nordic. 

The UGO line, is based on Piet Hein’s SUPERELLIPSE® design. The SUPERELLIPSE® was his solution to a traffical challenge in the center of Stockholm, where a super elliptical  roundabout was created. The harmonic geometric figure is iconic and renowned worldwide. The shape has been widely used in buildings, furniture designs and now by Make nordic in the shape og  UGO. Both the seat and footrest on UGO have taken shape using the world renowned SUPERELLIPSE® formula.

The essence of Danish design, is simplicity. Everything has a function, and composed of essentials. UGO is a functional barstool in a minimalistic design, providing excellent seating comfort. 



In the 1940s, Piet Hein created what he called GROOK. There are thousands of grooks by Piet Hein, and we probably all recognize the lines by Piet Hein, that keeps bringing a smile to our lips.

The grooks were written in the years from 1939 to shortly before Piet Hein’s death in 1996.

The grooks were created in Piet Heins alias Kumbel Kumbell. It’s hard to define what a grook really is, but it to put it shortly, it says what anybody may think of themselves. Of course, Piet Hein was a poet and an artist, meaning that he would always put pertinent new perspectives on these everyday observations. In the grooks he would also present his reader with a small instruction, in what must be the finest of arts  –  the art of living.


Piet Hein bar stools and stools are handcrafted in Denmark, using sustainable materials. The design and construction is strong and durable. The seat, is made from beautiful oak from FSC® certified forests (FSC® N002763). When you choose FSC, it means that the highest environmental and social standards are met. The oak veneer is molded, so the seat, seen from above corresponds with the super circular formula. You can also choose the seat with SPOOR leather, which is traceable. It can be traced back to the animal it is from. The steel construction of the UGO series is made out of powder coated reused steel.


IMG_4196 ny
IMG_4180 ny

Three sizes

The UGO series by Piet Hein is available in three different versions- a bar stool, a counter stool and a stool. The bar stool comes with a seat height of 75 cm. However, due to the shape of the seat, the highest point is approx. a centimeter higher. The counter stool has a height of 65 cm +1 cm at the highest point. The height of the stool is 45 cm + 1 cm at the highest point of the seat.

The widest point of the circumference on the stool and bar stool is the distance between the opposite leg. The widest point on the stool measure 48,8 cm and on the counter stool, the widest point measures 52,1 cm and the tallest bar stool measures 53,7 cm at the widest point.

UGO bar stool, 75 cm

UGO counter stool, 65 cm

UGO stool, 45 cm

Piet Hein

One of the unique traits Piet Hein mastered, was his ability to unite art and science, he succeeded doing so, as an artist and a scientist throughout his life.

Piet Hein created poetry, art, design and architecture over a period of almost 60 years. In 1944 he put into words, how he through out the years, had approached his work:

“Art is the solution to some of the problems, which are not expressed clearly, prior to being solved”

With his mathematical intuition, he was determined to discover the ultimate harmonic shape. The result is, what we know as the SUPERELLIPSE® – a harmonic geometric shape. The figure has also been used in many different connections from furniture designs to architecture and infrastructure. Most recently, now used in the new series by MAKE nordic- UGO.


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