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Bar stools have become incredibly popular as many establish a kitchen desk or a bar counter in their home. It is perfect to have a designer bar stool or two or three. You will often use the bar stools for a quick meal in the kitchen, for a nice conversation during cooking, or for a glass of wine when guests drop by.

An architect-designed bar stool from MAKE nordic adds something extra to your kitchen. When choosing a designer bar stool, you automatically decide how your home should be decorated. And if you choose a beautiful bar stool in a Danish design such as the VILHELM bar stool, you get both a high quality and a sustainable materials.

VILHELM is a designer bar stool by danish designer Laurits Gersbøll. It is designed for a wonderful restaurant that we have decorated on Bornholm. The bar stool became so popular that we chose to take it in as part of the collection at MAKE nordic.

The VILHELM bar stool is handmade by skilled cabinetmakers in FSC-certified oak with a natural hemp belt. Danish design and good materials go hand in hand.



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