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BASECAMP XL Open End - left, 3 modules, 160x340cm

left, 3 modules, demo model, Nature Bouclé Sand no. 2


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Here it is – the perfect, modern sofa that can be assembled according to your needs and desires for functionality. You will experience that the memories stay longer and the coziness occurs imme-diately. The BASECAMP modular sofa will be a gathering place for family and friends, no matter how it is combined. This BASECAMP XL Chaiselounge left sofa can easily accommodate 3-4 people. The sofa is available in many variations.

Build your own BASECAMP sofa

The BASECAMP modular sofa can be built to fit exactly your home and your priorities. We recommend that you draw your dream sofa on paper and then assemble the modules as you wish. You are also very welcome to ask us for advice.  We have already build an BASECAMP XL Open End left but if you would like to see all the other BASECAMP modules, you can visit this page.


The ultimate lounge sofa

With the BASECAMP sofa, you will experience that the memories stay longer and the coziness occurs immediately. Do you prefer your legs up while sitting in the sofa, you can build it with a chaiselongue or two. The sofa can be styled with a lot of soft pillows and blankets. In that way, you will create your own oasis and your own personal look.

The modular sofa, regardless of the combination, becomes a natural gathering point for family and friends. With its visual expression, BASECAMP has already found its way to several home and living magazines and stands as a secure base in many homes.

The BASECAMP modular sofa is assembled with strong crocodile brackets that prevents the modules from slipping apart. The modules are padded with high-quality cold foam, which ensures comfort and a long durability. The bottom of the sofa has built-in springs for optimal seating comfort.


A sofa in sustainable materials

The BASECAMP modular sofa is produced according to sustainable principles in collaboration with experienced Danish and European suppliers. The sofa is built on a strong frame of FSC-certified wood, so you are guaranteed a strong and durable construction, while supporting responsible forestry. You can read much more about our sustainable materials HERE.

In addition, we emphasize environmentally certified and health-labeled materials as it is important for us to limit our imprints. We use cold foam without toxins to protect both you and the environment against brominated flame retardants and other unwanted and potentially harmful chemicals.

Our textiles from Kvadrat and Gabriel are always Oeko-tex and / or EU-flower ® certified. Both labels cares about environmental impact and the life cycle of the product. They also ensure responsible condition of production. You can read more about our certifications HERE.

You are also able to order fabric samples from us.

Sizes and weight
Length: 340 cm
Height: 70 cm
Depth: 160 cm
Weight: 123 kg
Seat height: 40 cm
Back height: 30 cm
Seat depth: 68 cm
Seat arm lenght: 20 cm
Package info: The modular sofa is not assembled upon delivery. kg
Delivery time
Delivery time: 1 week
Material Sturdy wooden construction of sustainable FSC-certified wood. Crocodile mounting brackets are fitted.
Seat filling: Cold foam without toxins
Production: Produced in the EU


MAKE nordic’s furniture is only sold exclusively through its own online webshop in Denmark. Most of the furniture can only be found at MAKE nordic’s website. Your order is received online, but you are also more than welcome to call or write us for questions, or if you would like to order by phone and pay by bank transfer.

If you want a fabric or leather on an upholstered piece of furniture that is not seen on the webshop, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your wish. If you want a custom-made piece of furniture or special fabric that is not part of the basic collection on be aware that the right to return cannot be exercised.


Smaller furniture is delivered with GLS to the nearest parcel shop or to your home. Larger furniture is delivered as goods to the nearest curb, where a truck can arrive. It is possible for you to add a carry in service when you order your furniture. To make it easiest for you, we always contact you well in advance of delivery. We recommend that you have extra help present when your new furniture is delivered, if you do not choose to add on the carry in service. The delivery time is stated on the product page, so you can see the delivery time before you order. 

Right of return

You have a 14-day right of withdrawal when you shop with us as a consumer. The deadline expires 14 days after the day you received or picked up your item, or get your last items in physical possession when it comes to an agreement on several different items ordered in one order, which is delivered individually.

You must tell us within the 14 days of receipt that you wish to cancel your purchase. This must be sent to or you can use the standard cancellation form at the bottom of this site. YOU must make it clear to us that you wish to exercise your right of return. It is not possible to regret simply by refusing receipt of the item without giving us clear notice of this.

The item must be returned in original packaging and in the same condition as upon receipt. If the item is delivered unused and in original packaging, the full amount will be refunded.


If you wish to cancel your purchase, you must send your order back to us without undue delay, so that we receive it no later than 14 days after you have announced that you wish to cancel your purchase. This must be agreed in collaboration with MAKE nordic. You must pay expenses in connection with the return of the product, and bear the risk of the product, from the time of delivery at your place until it is received at MAKE nordic at our warehouse in Esbjerg.

Price Guarantee

If you have bought a product no later than 30 days before and find that we have the same product at a special campaign price, we will refund the full difference between the sales price and the campaign price on a MAKE nordic giftcard.

Products excluded by the right of return

Items that are custom-made to your specifications on measurements or sofas and cushions with textiles that are not standard on our website, or products which have a clear personal touch, are exempt from the right of return.


Available colors

Nature Bouclé

Price group 2

Bouclé is the hottest trend at the international furniture fairs right now, and you get the most beautiful soft bouclé fabric here at MAKE nordic. The fabric is a mixture of natural materials, and is made of cotton, wool, acrylic, viscose and polyamide. So you get the perfect bouclé blend, which gives you a stunning and durable fabric for your sofa that can last for many years to come.

Composition: 45% cotton / 15% wool / 13% acrylic / 19% viscos / 8% nylon
Martindale test: 60,000
Pilling: 4
Lightfastness: 5

The fabric is made from reused products, which are 100% recycable. No water or PFC chemicals are used in the process, nor in its staining. The substance is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which is a guarantee that no hazardous chemicals have been used.

Wool consists of fibers from sheep fleece and is due to its many good qualities an ideal material for furniture. Wool is both comfortable, durable, dirt-repellent and fire-retardant. The combination of these properties creates a material that is both soft, breathable and resists a high degree of wear. At the same time, wool stays nice for a long time, as wool resists a greater degree of dirt incl. embers from cigarettes and the like.

Polyester and nylon:
Polyester is a synthetic fiber made from raw materials from the petrochemical industry. Polyester is durable and easy to maintain. Its good strength makes it attractive to use alone or in combination with other fibers in textile production. It can make some folds when used, due to the lack of elasticity.

Care and stain removal
We recommend frequent vacuuming 1-2 times a week of the fabric to avoid stains as well as regular wiping of the fabric with a damp cloth.

A quick effort is essential to achieve the best result. Stains can be removed with the help of water, dishwashing soap, sparkling water or with the help of stain removers that are specially made for the purpose. Avoid stains by treating the entire seat surface with distilled or sparkling water.

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Nature Bouclé Sand no. 02

Nature Bouclé Hemp no. 03

Nature Bouclé Dark Taupe no. 10

Nature Bouclé Juta no. 04

Nature Bouclé Creme no. 24


The BASECAMP modular sofa is produced according to sustainable principles in collaboration with experienced Danish and European suppliers. The sofa is built on a strong frame of FSC-certified wood, so you are guaranteed a strong and durable construction, while supporting responsible forestry.


When you need to choose if your sofa has a right or left chaise longue, imagine that you are standing in front of the sofa facing it. If the chaise lounge is on your right hand, this is what you need to choose.

The sofa in the picture is with a left chaise longue.

See all the possibilities

The BASECAMP sofa can be assembled in countless ways, and you can therefore always choose an extra module or two, when you order your sofa. That way you can e.g. add an extra center module or pouf to a sofa. The individual modules can be found under “build your own”. Below you will find examples of how the sofa can also be build:

  • BASECAMP Family
    left, 5 modules, 210x320cm

  • BASECAMP Family
    right, 5 modules, 210x320cm

  • BASECAMP Open end
    right, 3 modules, 140x280cm

  • BASECAMP Chaiselounge
    right, 3 modules, 140x250cm

  • BASECAMP Chaiselounge
    left, 3 modules, 140x250cm

  • BASECAMP Small
    right, 2 modules, 140x180cm

  • BASECAMP Small
    left, 2 modules, 140x180cm

  • BASECAMP Small open end
    right, 2 modules, 140x210cm

    MAKE nordic
  • BASECAMP Small open end
    left, 2 modules, 140x210cm

  • BASECAMP Open end open
    right, 4 modules, 210x280cm

    MAKE nordic
  • BASECAMP Open end open
    left, 4 modules, 210x280cm

  • BASECAMP Corner open end
    3 moduler, 210x210cm

    MAKE nordic
  • BASECAMP Corner
    5 modules, 250x250cm

  • BASECAMP XL three seater
    3 moduler, 90x310cm

    MAKE nordic
  • BASECAMP XL two seater
    2 moduler, 90x220 cm

    MAKE nordic
  • BASECAMP XL Small open end
    venstre, 2 moduler,160x250cm

    MAKE nordic
  • BASECAMP XL Small open end
    højre, 2 moduler,160x250cm

    MAKE nordic
  • BASECAMP XL Open End
    right, 3 modules, 160x340cm

  • BASECAMP XL Open End
    left, 3 modules, 160x340cm

    MAKE nordic
  • BASECAMP XL Chaiselounge
    right, 3 modules, 160x310cm

    right, 2 modules,160x220cm

    MAKE nordic
    left, 2 modules, 160x220cm



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