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At MAKE nordic, sustainability is very important! It is our ambition to create aesthetic and sustainable furniture that can follow you throughout life. Yes, in fact, it is a goal for us that our furniture should be able to be passed down from generation to generation – for us, it means that we have created something that is not just beautiful at first sight; it is also functional, durable and loved. But our ambitions do not stop there – for a good piece of design furniture is also about responsibility in production. And in fact, we believe that your relationship with your furniture can be strengthened through knowledge of how they came to be.

When you choose a MAKE nordic piece of furniture, you can be assured that it is produced in close collaboration with Danish and European subcontractors who share our mission to create more sustainable furniture. We place particular emphasis on eco-certified and health-labeled materials, as it is important for us to limit our footprint. And then it is important to us that you and your family can use our furniture safely.

For example, our wood is sourced from FSC®-certified forrests (FSC® N002763), to ensure sustainable forestry; our cold foam is non-toxic, to protect both you and the environment against brominated flame retardants and other unwanted chemicals; our textiles from Kvadrat and Gabriel can also be selected with Oeko-tex® and / or certified with the EU-flower®, which has an environmental impact and the product life cycle in mind; and our leather from Sørensen has the Nordic Ecolabel®, to ensure responsible environmental, social and animal welfare production conditions. You can read much more about it on this page.

However, as you know, sustainability is a goal in motion – and therefore we are always looking for opportunities and initiatives that can make us even better. We are very open to your input and you are very welcome to contact us if you have any questions. If you are curious about how to maintain your MAKE nordic furniture, you can see our detailed guides.

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One of the main elements in our furniture constructions is wood, and with that comes a responsibility, of course. At MAKE nordic, all our wood is from FSC®-certified forrests, which helps to ensure sustainable forestry.

(FSC® N002763)


The textiles and cold foam that we use for our furniture have a leading health label. The labels place stricter requirements on the content of harmful substances than the legislation does – and we would like to take the extra reservations for your health.

Nordic Ecolabeled® Leather

When you order chairs from MAKE nordic, you can choose to have them upholstered with Nordic Ecolabeled® Dunes leather from Sørensen Leather.

The EU EcoLabel

The EU Ecolabel is the official European eco-label. The whole is essential in relation to the EU Ecolabel, and the certification is a holistic perspective on the product’s overall environmental impact and therefore deals with all relevant phases in the product’s life cycle from raw materials and production to disposal and recycling.

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Architect-designed furniture in a high quality is often furniture we want to have in our home for many years. When you buy your furniture from MAKE nordic, you get exactly these qualities – and then you get timeless, scandinavian design and sustainable materials on top.

Sustainable design is, of course, about environmentally friendly materials and green production. But it is also about getting the furniture you want to have in your home for the next many years. They automatically become a part of you, and a big part of your family’s history. You do not have to go out and invest in new furniture all the time.

Avoid the buy-and-throw-away mentality. It is much more sustainable – also in the long run!

If you need help finding your next sustainable piece of furniture, we are ready to help you with finding the right piece of furniture.


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