Dunes from Sørensen leather

At MAKE nordic, we offer the exclusive Dunes leather from Sørensen leather. Only the best is good enough for your furniture. And of course, our selection of leather is no exception.

The exclusive choice

Dunes leather is exclusive, natural and soft as velvet. The leather is untreated and will eventually become even softer and get the coveted patina. In the untreated surface, markings and scars from the animal are visible, which helps to create an unpolished and natural expression.

The untreated surface also helps to open the pore holes, so the leather is 100% breathable, which provides you with the best seating comfort.



The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The leather has as one of the only leather types received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a renowned certification, which confirms that the leather meets very strict requirements, relating to the environment, use of energy and resources on the entire journey from cradle to cradle of the leather.


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