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A new variant

You now have the opportunity to choose the UMI series’ 4 benches and stools in a completely new variant. The UMI series is therefore now available in wild ash with hemp belt, which is a more sustainable version.

If you do not already know the UMI series, then it is designed by the Norwegian designer Jennifer Cena. UMI means sea in Japanese, which has strong references to the individual and Nordic design.

Jennifer Cena wanted to create a natural expression in the Nordic spirit, with inspiration from the Norwegian mountains where she herself grew up.

  • UMI
    Wild ash bench, large

    Jennifer Cena
  • UMI
    Wild ash bench, small

    Jennifer Cena
  • UMI
    Wild ash stool, large

    Jennifer Cena
  • UMI
    Wild ash stool, small

    Jennifer Cena


Ash is a light wood that is very suitable for furniture, due to the hardness and the beautiful expression. When we use wild ash in the UMI series, it means that each piece of furniture can have its individual expression, and that the beautiful markings from the wood’s veins can be seen in the solid wood on benches and stools.

If you choose a UMI in wild ash, you get a personal piece of furniture, as none of them are 100% the same. It also means that we utilize most of the ash tree and that as little as possible is wasted. In this way, we ensure a more sustainable production and get incredibly beautiful furniture out of the wood.

When making furniture, large amounts of wood are often sorted out to ensure a uniform look across the collection. The excess wood that is discarded is thus wasted. With UMI wild ash, we try to use as much of the wood as possible.

This means that UMI wild ash has a completely unique expression that you will not find in furniture of e.g. Oak tree. Ash and oak are very similar to each other in their good properties and hardness. And they are both very common in European forests and are extremely good for furniture.
The wood we use at MAKE nordic is from FSC®-certified forests (FSC® N002763).



Hemp is an amazing material! It is used for the seat on our UMI series, as it is both durable, beautiful and sustainable. The hemp plant is very environmentally friendly to grow in relation to e.g. cotton. The hemp plant can grow in the north without the use of pesticides and without watering. It grows fast and therefore only needs a limited area to grow on.

When one thinks of hemp, one often thinks of the forbidden euphoric substance. But the type of hemp we use in furniture production is another type that does not seem intoxicating. Hemp is grown for the furniture and fashion industry, but it is used i.a. also for carpets, insulation in buildings, and even in the food industry.

For many thousands of years, hemp has been used as rope, confirming its strength. So when we braid a belt of hemp on a UMI seat, it’s because, it’s some of the best and most sustainable material we can find.


The designer behind the entire UMI series is named Jennifer Cena. She was born in 1979 and grew up in the Norwegian mountains. Her upbringing has had a great impact on her designs, as she has a very special relationship with natural materials and organic forms.

Since Jennifer has such a big focus on natural materials, it was very natural for us to expand the UMI series benches and stools with a new sustainable variant.


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