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Below you can read more about what happens when you have placed your order on your new coffee table, and how you receive, assemble and care for it. Care and maintenance are important if you want to enjoy your coffee table for many years to come.

Learn step by step what happens when you order your new coffee table at MAKE nordic:

make nordic order process 1

Order received:

When you order your new coffee table from MAKE, we reserve the amount for your order in your account. The money is not deducted immediately, and is only deducted when your coffee table is ready to be sent to you.

make nordic order process 2

Order confirmation:

Shortly after you have completed the purchase of your new coffee table, you will receive an order confirmation in your mailbox. Remember to check your spam folder. It is always a good idea to look your order confirmation through to make sure that everything is as it should be. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or changes to your order.

make nordic order process 3

Delivery date:

About a week before your new coffee table is ready for delivery, you will receive an email with a delivery date. It is important that you confirm this email, as we will not be able to deliver to you until we have received a confirmation from you.

make nordic order process 4


When your new coffee table is delivered on the agreed delivery date, the coffee table will be delivered to the curb. It is therefore important that there are some at home to receive the package.

make nordic order process 5

Assembly guide and packaging:

Our coffee tables are wrapped in cardboard, in order to take good care of the environment, it is therefore important that cardboard is put in cardboard waste.

make nordic order process 6

Care and maintenance:

Care and maintenance are important for your new coffee table to have a long life. See how you care for and maintain your new coffee table HERE.


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